Who Is Your Enemy?

Who Is Your Enemy?

Enemies are all around us. Whom can we trust? Who is our friend, and who is secretly lurking in the shadows hoping we will fail? Sure, they have a smile on their face, but what are the thoughts behind that smile?

The definition of an enemy is a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent.

Your enemy is not for you; he or she is against you. Your enemy wants you to fail.

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There is an enemy that sticks closer than a brother, and many times, no matter where you go, he is there ready to trip you up, whispering in your ear. You aren’t even aware of this enemy because you have become so accustomed to his voice.

“Did you see how you treated that person yesterday?” “You are stupid and lazy.” “You are never going to amount to anything.” “You are a disappointment. It would have been better if you had never been born.” “The world is better off without you.” “No one cares about you. As a matter of fact, they don’t even notice you.” The words in your head may scream, “Failure, failure, failure! Why bother to try?”

 You see, my friend, sometimes that enemy is you. What are the voices that are speaking loudly in your head? Sometimes it is repetitive trash that others spoke to you or about you. It could be from family and friends who were supposed to love you, or it could be from the bully at school. Sometimes, the voices are what you perceive others think or what you think about yourself.

Today, be encouraged because we are here to tell you that no matter where the thoughts come from, they aren’t true. They are lies. You are created in the image of God, and God is a God of love. He made you for a purpose, and He adores you. You, my friend, are of great value, and there is treasure inside of you waiting to come out.

The next time these voices rage in your mind, it is time to silence them. It is time to unfriend them. Break the relationship with the enemy of your soul. Replace those thoughts with the truth and if you find yourself around harmful or hurtful people, it is time to look for new friends.

This month, decide that you will learn to love yourself and change the voices in your head. Here are some action steps to help you.

Action Step:

  1. Step One – Become aware of the voices in your head. Take time this month to write them down. Get a diary and take 15 minutes a day to write down some of the thoughts you have been thinking.


  2. Step Two – Take time to reflect and ask yourself these questions.

    a. Are they voices of support, love, and encouragement or voices of hate, accusation, and condemnation?

    b. If I had a friend who spoke to me the same way the voices in my head speak to me, would I be friends with that person?  c. Would I speak to others the same way I speak to myself? 

  3. Step Three – Choose one resource from below to help you. Unfriend the enemy of your soul. Learn to replace the negative self-talk.