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The average American teenager spends 8 hour or more PER DAY on their smartphone!

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L4A Hope Stories

When Jason was 14 years old, he was two weeks away from a planned suicide until he heard John Maxwell speak. Today he works for Maxwell Leadership.

Molly suffered from depression. Her heart broke when she saw her dad cry for the first time because he didn’t know how to help her. It was time! 

Sickness can certainly affect your mental health and many people would ask, “Why God?” when you find out that you have Triple Rare Leukemia. Even through the gamut of emotions, Gabriella stood strong in her faith. Watch her story of great  faith and a miraculous recovery.

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We are a start-up organization with a huge vision. Will YOU join our movement to help us reach those who are hurting, lost, lonely, confused, and filled with questions?

Take a moment to reflect on your own experiences or those of someone close to you—perhaps a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew—navigating mental, spiritual and relational health challenges. Your support today has the potential to make a profound difference in their lives. As you journey with us at Looking4Answers, consider that our platform combines practical and faith solutions in the healing process. Let’s unite in creating a ripple effect of positive change for our loved ones. Together, we can be hope dealers, guiding each other through the challenges, and fostering a transformative journey towards mental and spiritual well-being.

Join our team of hope dealers! Help fund the cause to reach the next generation and lead them from their pain to their purpose. Now is the time to save and change lives!

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